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Hand Tools

Irwin idustrial tools

Clamping Tools

Aviation snips
the original curved jaw locking pliers
the original locking welding clamp
the original long nose locking pliers
joint master ange joining tools
the original locking c-clamps with regular tips
the original large jaw locking pliers
magnetic welder holder
quick grip "c" clamps

Measuring Tools

stanley fatmax tape rules
measuring taps
heavy-duty aluminum straight edges
100' cloed case steel measuring tape
open reel fiberglass measuring tape
Vernier cliper
paint markers
silver streak fineline metal markers
red-riter finelne metal markers
soapstone holders

Leveling Tools

aluminum levels
magnetic polycast torpedo level

Earth Moving Tools

earth moving tools

Hand Tools

crescent 70-piece professional tool set
folding utility knife
crescent 148-piece professional tool set
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