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Safety Gear

Welding Helmets

classic series
classic series, vsi
performance series
classic series, fs #10, 2x4 flip-up
passive welding helmets
economy welding helmet

Welding Accessories

protectve hard hats
welding curtains
portable vinyl welding screen
lens covers welding
replacement headgear
sellstrom replacement headgear
omni-mag welding lens magnifier
fixed shade replacement lenses
auto darkening lenses

Personal Safety Equipment

knee pads
industrial ear muffs
face shield headgear
polycarbonate face shield
lpr-100 half mask
disposable dust and particle mask
premium welding respirator

Safety Eyewear

safety eyewear

Premium Gloves

cut-resistant gloves
disposable gloves
pvc coated chemical resistant gloves
brown jersey glove
natural thumb welding gloves with heat resistor lining
leather palm work gloves
premium tig glove
ultimate gripper work gloves pig grain with pvc reinforcements
driver's gloves
plastic dot work gloves
pearl grey split grain leather welder with lining
pigskin leather welding gloves
premium foam lined welding gloves
megaMIG premium gatskin welding gloves
deerskin welder's gloves

Protective Apparel

miller classic cloth jacket
cape sleeve & 14" bib
leather welder's jacket
indura cloth jacket
fire retardant aprons
leather utility apron
classic fr cotton apron
high crown fitted welders caps
classic FR cotton sleeves
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